Bay CranesJeremy has worked hard to develop a positive reputation with his clients and invested in modern cranes and equipment to further develop the level of service we are able to provide.

Bay Cranes has the capacity to carry out a uniquely broad selection of jobs not only because they have a large range of certified specialist equipment such as; man cages, strops, spreader bars, chains and concrete skips, but also because of the unique business structure. Bay Cranes runs as a stand-alone division of JR Works Group, a northland based company that specialises in structural contracting.

Bay Cranes utilises JR Works Groups assets including office staff, additional plant and equipment and tradesmen’s skills and experience – all of which provide support to the crane jobs undertaken and allow us to undergo unusual crane jobs, or use the crane to aid in construction jobs which would otherwise require sub-contracting and potentially increased cost.

Currently Bay Cranes offers competitive rates for 25T, 50T and 70T cranes. Please contact us for further information and pricing.